ELKNICE SOLUTIONS have deemed it fit to offer ICT solutions that address business challenges. Our aim is to provide total end-to-end ICT system integration solution; Security; focusing on Data, Voice, and Video networks integration.
Our team of professionals are experts with extensive experience in satellite communication & Direct Satellite ‘Broadband’ internet (VSAT) installation and maintenance, ISP set-up, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solutions, Wireless Communication (Wifi/Wimax/Microwaves/Gigalink/Free-space optics), Networking wide area network (WAN)/metropolitan area network(MAN)/local area network (LAN), Cyber-Café setup & management, Network Security & monitoring, IP Surveillance/IP CCTV system, Access Control & Storage, Protection & Recovery solutions, System Engineering/System Specification & System Integration, Laptops/Desktops sales, ICT consultancy and International I.T. certification training’s.



“ELKNICE SOLUTIONS are determine to be a world class ICT centre for ICT project development and implementation, driven by the protocols of professional excellence, corporate integrity and as well as center to impart knowledge, experience and expertise”.



“With Passion, Commitment and Discipline; Elknice Solutions is endowed to integrate technological changes through ICT professionalism in deploying our products and services with integrity, quality and cost effective”.



In all our relationships, we will demonstrate our steadfast Passion, Commitment & Discipline to:-
*Service: Great service is the key to customer satisfaction. We will put our utmost to achieve total customer satisfaction by understanding what the customer wants and delivering it without bias.

*Integrity: Integrity will always be our watchword. Our customers will always experience the highest level of professional ethical standards; we will take personal responsibility for our actions, and treat everyone fairly with trust and respect.

*Professionalism: We will maintain competent team that will respect professional ethics in delivering our products and service to world-class standards.

*Excellence: We will integrate excellence through the power of absolute commitment and learning, we will deliver the best at all time.


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