Glo 4G Data Plan Code, Price List, Data Volume and FAQs

Glo 4G Data Plan Code, Price List, Data Volume and FAQs

Glo’s fibre-optic cable network (Glo-1) reaching out to the farthest parts of Nigeria, you can bank on the Glo network for faster connectivity, cost-effectiveness and expanded bandwidth to carry voice, video and data reliably. Glo 4G data plans give the best value for money in terms of data volume at unique price points

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Globacom has proven to be the favourite of internet subscribers in Nigeria over the years on account of its customer-friendly glo data plans and fast internet connectivity. The operator became the first network in Nigeria to launch nationwide 4G in 2016.

Below is Glo data plan code, Glo tariff plans for data, Glo data plans price list and their volume i.e data caps.

Glo Data Plan Code

The glo data plan code is *777#

By dialing the ussd code on your glo line, you will be able to :

Glo Data Plan Price List and Volume

The screenshot below shows the price list of glo data plans and their respective data caps (volume)

glo data plan 2020
*Night Bonus; Night Bonus usage time – 12AM to 5AM

How To Buy Glo Data Plans

Glo Data Plans can be purchased by dialing *777# for plan menu and selecting the plan of choice.

Data plans can also be purchased at

How To Check Glo Data Plan Balance

To check your glo data balance, you can:
==> text “info” to 127;
==> dial *127*0# or

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Stop Glo Data Auto Renewal

Text “cancel” to 127 before your glo data plan expires

How To Share Glo Data Subscription

text “share (friend’s number)” to 127

How To Unshare Number from Glo Data Plan

text “remove (friend’s number)” to 127

How To Check Glo Data Share List

Text “list” to 127

What is Glo Oga SIM?

Glo Oga SIM is new Glo sim and customers who have spent less than or equal to 90 days in the network

How does the Glo Night Bonus work?

The night bonus works during the time band of 12AM and 5AM

How does the Main volume and Night volume stack up?

  • During the Night time band of 12AM and 5AM, the priority is given to the night volume
  • If the night volume gets exhausted during the night time band, then the main volume will start getting consumed

What happens when my night volume is remaining and main volume is exhausted?

  • When the main volume gets exhausted and if night volume remains, the night volume will also get exhausted
  • If the customer buys the data plan before the expiry of the main volume then the night volume will also get carried forward

How can I check my Glo night data bonus volume?

You can view your Glo Night data bonus usage at

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