How to earn $641 with Wordtracker Affiliates

How to earn $641 with Wordtracker Affiliates

Join Wordtracker Affiliates and get rewarded with both upfront and recurring commissions for the lifetime of the subscription!

Wordtracker program is built around affiliates, with the best possible platform for affiliates to run it from, and with very great levels of commision.

In fact in celebration of the launch of the new system Wordtracker is giving very generous comissions for a limited time only. All monthly subscriptions are set to give 80% commision on the first month and then 30% each subsequent month, for the lifetime of the subscription!

So if you get just one signup to Wordtracker Silver ($69) a month each month here’s what your commision could look like over just 6 months:

With just 1 new signup a month you can earn a total of $641.70 and after 6 months and would be on a monthly revenue of almost $160. As we pay a recurring comission it means your affiliate revenue can stack month on month. Of course some signups will churn out (not everyone stays signed up for ever) but with a few new signups each month revenue should continue to grow.

Get started in 3 steps

Step 1. Sign up

All you need to do is click here and enter your email, name and a password. That’s it, you’ll be straight through from here into your affiliate dashboard.

Step 2. Enter your PayPal email

When you log in to the Affiliate Program you will see your marketing dashboard. This will show you your overall stats.

You will need to enter your PayPal email address here. That’s all you have to do to get your account set up and ready to use. That’s it.

Step 3. Grab your link

Scroll down on the same page and below your stats you’ll see your signup link.

How to Make a Website – Step by Step Guide (Free)

Copy the code and share it with your friends, put it on your blog for your readers or place it anywhere else people might click on it. Any signups which come through that link will be tracked and assigned to you.

Wordtracker also offer a special Promo Code which we’ll update with current offers. 

Additional materials

We have loaded the affiliate program with marketing materials, which you can find under the Assets tab. However, you’re also welcome to create your own using our existing assets and branding as long as they uphold our design standards.

If design isn’t your strong point websites like are great for having marketing assets made quickly and cheaply. So you can create the material that fits your audience. We’re very open to ideas, so if there is anything you would like to see added please do let us know.

 just sign up here to get started right away

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