How to use Houseparty

The video chat app is a popular choice among teens right now for staying in touch with friends while stuck at home. But anyone can get in on the fun.

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Available on AndroidiOSChrome and macOS, Houseparty is a great platform for connecting online. Unlike other video chat apps such as Zoom and Skype, Houseparty lets ‘party members’ play interactive quizzes and games during calls.

Although the Houseparty app has been around for a few years, it’s regaining popularity as more people are staying home and social distancing. Knowing how to use Houseparty will let you get in on group calls with friends and family during this time.

Before getting started, make sure you download Houseparty on your device of preference. The app is well-suited for mobile, but can be used on your computer, too.

One caveat of Houseparty is that you can only have 8 people in a group chat at a time. If you’re looking to connect with a bigger group online, try one of the best video chat apps right now.

Here’s how to use Houseparty to have group video chats. And how to use Houseparty to play games, too.

How to use Houseparty

How to use Houseparty

Step 1: Make a Houseparty account. You’ll be asked to enter your name, email address and create a personal username. You’ll also have to give your mobile phone number and confirm it with a four-digit, one-time use confirmation code.

Step 2: Connect your contacts to Houseparty. You can opt to let Houseparty access your contact book, as well as your list of Facebook and Snapchat friends. You’ll now be able to video chat with anyone your circle who also has Houseparty.

Step 3: Swipe up on screen to start or join a Houseparty. You’ll see friends you’ve recently added or spoken to, as well as any ‘parties’ your friends are currently in. Tap the phone icon to start the call, or tap the wave icon to send your friend a notification letting them know you want to video chat. You can also use the search bar to any of your contacts and add them to a party.

How to play games on Houseparty

How to use Houseparty

Step 1: Start or join a party with friends. Click the dice icon in the corner to bring up a few game options.

Step 2: Select Heads Up, Trivia, Chips and Guac or Quick Draw to begin playing with the members of your party.

How To Lock Your Houseparty Room

A nice feature of the houseparty app is the ability to lock your room so no one else can join.

Just hit the padlock at the bottom of the screen. People can still ask to join, but you can choose to ignore them.

If you want your rooms to lock automatically, head to your home screen, click the smiley face in the left and then hit the cog to go to the settings page. From there, turn on privacy mode, and you’ll never be in an open party again.

How To Turn Off Houseparty Notifications

Once you’ve downloaded the app and built up your houseparty contacts, the app will notify your contacts whenever you log in to the app and it will also notify you when your contacts log in to the app.

If you don’t want these notifications, just head to the Settings menu and disable the “Send Out My Notifications” and “Get My Friend’s Notifications” options.

If you don’t want notifications from certain contact head over to the Settings menu and “ghost” them.


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