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cctv/ip surveillance

ELKNICE SOLUTIONS offers practical digital IP Surveillance system, installation & maintenance including CCTV analogue system integration, Video and Audio Quality management, DVR/NVR, Video Network Storage and Standards for Airports, Rail terminals, Government buildings, Offices, Retail sites, Hotel/Restaurants, Financial institutions, Parking garage and Homes security. The solution is sophisticated and IP based. You will be able to monitor without boundaries and keep record of activities (video & audio).

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ELKNICE SOLUTIONS offer proactive network solutions that deliver breakthrough performance for various network environment; ranging for internet, Local Area Network(LAN), Wide Area Network(WAN) and Metropolitan Area Network(MAN).


telecom solution

ELKNICE SOLUTIONS offers a wide range of Telecom solution covering voice switching, voice messaging and VoIP solutions. We offer a complete range of IP PBX and PABX solutions for enterprise application.

Access Control

Elknice Solutions provide essential security services such as authorization, identification and authentication, access approval, and accountability. Combined, these services allow clients to create ideal access solutions to achieve the highest levels of reporting and control.

Business Solution

ELKNICE SOLUTIONS offer series of leading edge ICT solutions for various environment and requirements.

Web Development

We have a team of Web Developers with many years of experience and with the aim of providing you with a fully functional website that compels the visitors to stay and interact hence converting them to revenue. We got a passion to play with every new Web Development technology that comes in and together with our experience and expertise we have created countless success stories. 

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video conferencing

ELKNICE SOLUTIONS have a sophisticated and cost-effective video conferencing solution for you and your business. Video Tele-Conferencing system (VTC) has become a way of life for today’s enterprise, in terms of real remote communication.

wireless communication

ELKNICE SOLUTIONS offers a wide range of broadband wireless communications solutions (wireless, microwave, wimax, wifi), from high capacity wireless backhauling to public Hot Spot Wifi and Last Mile Access covering Voice, Data, Video Communication as well as internet distribution.


ELKNICE SOLUTIONS delivers a wide range of business application sparked by the strength of satellite technology. Our VSAT connectivity solutions provides unfettered access to the internet backbone for Universities, Organizations, Hotels, Financial Institutions, Cyber-Cafés; providing them with broadband two way internet Satellite Services and Solutions.


ELKNICE SOLUTIONS technical educational is designed to provide professional & International Certification I.T. training to reflect the latest industry leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

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ELKNICE SOLUTIONS will listen to your unique needs and work with you to build a value addition ICT solution for your environment in a style that will suite requirement. Customer’s satisfaction is our utmost priority.